Hot today

Hot today. In the 90’s and breezy. It has gone down 6 degrees in the last half hour, so it won’t be too hot to sleep.

Mom’s doctor sent her to the emergency room yesterday for slurred speech. I understand why he did, slurred speech often indicates a stroke. What it really was was an accidental overdose of blood pressure medication. From the time the doctor called me to when I got to the hospital she was back to what is, currently, normal for her. Made for a tiring day. Of course her cardiologist changed her meds today. Every time there’s a change I worry that it will affect her mental status. She has such wild swings in mood, etc., that I continually think the changes must be caused by something external; drugs seem to be the most likely cause. She takes so many it must be nearly impossible to know what all the possible interactions are.

There have been a pair of mocking birds, well, mocking us. They sit on the eaves and give what I think is an alarm call at the cats. We have 4 cats, so the mocking birds are pretty busy. Drives the youngest one crazy. The others are old enough and well-fed enough that they Usually ignore them. It is fun to watch, though. So far they’ve come no closer than the eaves. I hope it stays that way.

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