Why do I ever go inside

I have now totally lost the ability to remove the overgrown lavender from the front yard. Went out front to do some general clean up and saw this little one feeding on the lavender.

Hairstreak 201107-af

I have not seen one of these before. I believe it is a Grey Hairstreak Butterfly. I sometimes see small butterflys, but they move so fast I can never get a good look at them. This one was on the lavender for more than 30 minutes. It went up and down each cluster of blossoms methodically. It rubbed its back wings together as it drank. It’s interesting that it spent so long there. Maybe because I don’t use insecticides?

I only saw it open its wings once, for a few seconds.

Hairstreak 201107-ag

Bees were everywhere. When one got too near the butterfly it flicked its wings at it and the bee would leave. I saw that happen several times while I was watching. I thought it was strange that the bees left so easily when they’re so close to the same size.

Hairstreak 201107-ab

So now I just don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to remove the lavender entirely. I’ll just have to prune it into submission.

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