Reworking the atrium

There are things we’ve done to the house that have increased its salability, if not its value. We put down hardwood floors. We re-did the bathroom. Those things help in selling a house.

There are a lot of things I’ve (emphasize the ‘I’ done in the yard which may hurt if we try to sell the house. One of those things was the atrium. I wanted it to look a little wild, but what it really looked like was out of control. Family issues over the past year have not helped. Dealing with them has been stressful and time-consuming. The yard has been really neglected.

So, with the idea of getting the house into a condition where it might actually sell and me in “Farm ready” condition, I’m cleaning up my messes. And the atrium has surely been a mess.

I’ve been pulling stuff up for the past month or so. Fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. I’ve actually done better at getting the boston ivy out than I thought I would. Bless the person who decided to put a lot of sand in the soil in there.

So now I have ten square feet of dirt. And no plan on what to do with it besides plant dichondra.

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