Grandmother’s violets


Or something. I remember these small, delicate, orchid like flowers vining their way through my grandmother’s yard. I don’t know where these came from. I may have brought them along with a plant or pot from her house. They’ve only shown up in the last couple of years, but they’re finding their place in the garden. This being a particularly damp year, they’ve shown up in the cracks in the sidewalk and growing out from behind pots. The shape of the leaves and flowers remind of violets, but the leaves are succulent-like. I sure as heck don’t know what else to call them.

The bee (I think) was just a happy accident. I’m not sure if it’s a bee or a syrphid fly. In one of the photos I took I think I see the shadow of a second set of wings and syrphid flies only one set, as far as I know. Still, bee or fly, not one I’ve seen before.

When the plants growing up in the cracks of the sidewalk went to seed I swept them up and put them in places in the yard that have similar conditions. I hope they show up in a few more places.

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