Graduation Day

We went to daughter-in-law’s graduation ceremony today.

The ceremony as a whole was boring. It seems like the school goes out of its way to make it boring. Recognizing board members and faculty. Gotta say, I’ve never had a job that had people stand up once a year and say,”Yay you! Doing a really bitchin’ and important job.”. It is both of those things, but they already knew that. It’s not like they were in it for the money.

We didn’t stay for the whole thing. But we did stay to yay. Apparently when the graduate’s name is read, the more people who cheer, the better. It’s a symbol of how many people care about what you’ve done. And even though I hate getting up early I do care. And I’m proud that she thinks that education is important. Even though the pay is crap. Damn. Now don’t I feel silly about begrudging all those people who think teaching is important their props?

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