Happy Mother’s day to Me

Mom’s attitude has changed in the last ten days. Youngest sister said that she had spoken to Mom about people wanting to be appreciated. And Mom has been more appreciative, for which I’m . . . appreciative.

She’s also been something else. Something harder to quantify, but easier to observe. She’s been Mom again. I don’t know how or why she’s come back. I only know that it makes me feel that all the effort that I’ve put in up until now hasn’t been wasted.

And her change in attitude has made things so much less stressful for me. Calling and visiting isn’t an ordeal anymore. And because I don’t dread talking to her, I call her more.

I’m still unhappy that she’s decided to not have a caregiver on weekends. But not so unhappy that I’m unwilling to let her have those two days of independence. I remember what it’s like to have your life pulled out from under you for reasons beyond your control. I remember wanting to just be able to do something for myself. I totally understand her desired for some independence.

With trepidation, with knowing that there is nothing I can do stop the march of time, I’m still glad I’ve got a Mom.

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