I saw the coolest thing

It’s been very warm the past few days. It’s been unusually cool this year, so I’ve relished these past few days of warm.

Earlier in the week I heard swallows twittering. I looked up and there they were,barely visible, darting across the sky. I wondered what they were hunting so high up and then noticed, they’re flying two by two. They’re not hunting, they’re dancing. Up so high there’s very little to distract them from their dance.

Today was a different story. I heard the twittering again and looked up to watch the dance. They did dance for a while. Then the twittering took on a note of panic.

When I looked up again there was a new, much larger silhouette among the tiny swallows. I’m pretty sure it was a peregrine. As I watched it dove at the swallows. Only a peregrine could hope to catch a swallow mid-flight.

We live near a large park with an un-landscaped flood basin at one end. I think the peregrines come back each year because of that small open space. We also don’t have pigeons in this area. Or very many starlings.

People in this area get very upset when the coyotes come down out of the hills and eat their pets. The same people who leave pet food out on their porch and are surprised when some scavenger comes and eats it. I’m glad that the coyotes are there. They’re the reason we’re not over run by rats.

If pigeons are rats with wings, peregrines are cats with wings. And a very nice bit of pest control.

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