Emphasis on the ‘No’

The Wonderful Spouse, Youngest Sister and I went today to ready Mom’s house for her and her new caregiver. Putting up curtains, washing bedding, rolling up the rugs, etc.

While we were there I got a call from the convalescent home. They’d called Mom’s doctor to get orders for her discharge and the doctor told them he wanted to see her first. I told them that regardless of what the doctor wanted she was going to go home as scheduled. No, we would not wait another week until he made time to see her. I’d take her against orders if I had to. I wouldn’t do it if I thought it would be worse for her, but she’s fretting herself to death there and her physical therapist says she’s ready. He sees her every day and her doctor has not seen her since she’s been there, even though he’s been to the facility at least once

Surprise, surprise,Youngest Sister paid her a brief visit in between getting the house ready and doing Mom’s grocery shopping and who should show up but Mom’s doctor. Determination wins.

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