So I’ve got this thing


I’ve got this thing. Not sure what it is. I think it’s a tagine. But I’m not sure.

I’ve never used it. But there’s no way that I’m going to get rid of it. It has no maker’s mark on it. I have no way of telling where it came from or who made it. It’s some kind of enamel ware. I know diddly about enamelling, but the outside looks like some kind of resist was used between layers of enamel. The inside is basically splatterware. Like the cup next to it.

And it’s given me an idea. One that I know has intrinsic faults. Like two metals have different melt points. And I can’t see ever getting rid of this thing. It’s unusual. And beautiful. And I’ve never seen anything like it. And I really don’t like couscous.

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