It’s a symphony

Sort of.

First I hear a helicopter going by. Seems like it’s going slow. Probably up high. The first thing I think is Googlecoptor. Husband points out that they use satellites. Damn! I do so like to be right. Probably military. Loud enough.

Then there are sirens. Lots of them. Three our four trucks with attendant paramedics. Something very bad has happened close by. Followed by more helicopters.

Under it all is the incessant roar of the freeway. Dosen’t bother me all of the time, but I’m tired of it. Above that is the closer, more discernible highway. You can tell when a truck or motorcycle goes by.

Then the construction or yard work. In this case, street work on one side and tree trimming on the other. Then the neighbors, voices, kids, pots and pans. The occasional mom with a stroller.

Then the wind chimes. Then the birds. Then the wind. Funny that the biggest thing is usually the smallest sound.

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