The War of the Mint

Someone asked me once how to get rid of mint in their garden. When I heard the question I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’ve been waging a running war with mint since we moved in.

My husband came up with the easiest and probably most successful way to get rid of mint; ‘First build a time machine. Then go back and shoot whoever planted it in the first place.’. A trifle violent as a solution, but, after fifteen years of trying, the only one that I can see having any chance of success.

Any little piece if root left in the ground will sprout and grow again. The past twelve months have bee particularly bad as all of our family issues have been eating up a lot of my spare time. Pulling up mint hasn’t been high on the priority list. And the mint thrives under m neglect, sending out runners and pushing up leaves all along the length of the planter.

The more time I spend pulling up mint, the more reasonable the time machine option sounds.

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