Tag! You’re it!

Youngest sister and I are tag-teaming Mom’s care right now. FSM knows that the frustration is just too much for one person.

We’re trading off visiting. She goes one day, I go the next. She’s been the one who’s been most flexible with taking a day when I can’t. Tuesdays are days that I have to stay late at work and are very busy besides. So we switch days around.

She’s been taking calls from Mom; I put Mom’s cell phone ring on silent after that night she called at 3:30 am and again at 4:30 am. Funny she hasn’t called me at all since that night. People tell me that telepathy doesn’t work, and I’ve seen no concrete evidence that it does, but things like that kind of freak me out.

I take calls from the facility. They call every time something significant happens, and I’m grateful that they do. But they do call a lot. Twice a day sometimes. And on weekends. Still beats having Mom call.

The whole thing with Mom is enough to drive you mad. She’s mostly all there, but only mostly. She still thinks she’s in Arizona. She talks about people playing poker in the office next door, it’s a men’s room. Then she said that the poker players are upstairs and she saw them when she was up there visiting. There is an upstairs, but I think it’s a business office. I’ve never seen anyone go up there. She also talked about someone going downstairs. This being California, basements are almost unheard of. She talks about walking in the park. One – she can’t walk, two – what park? The grounds are nice and there’s a portion of the lot with grass and trees and I can see how it might morph into a park in your head, but it’s only about a hundred feet square.

We have to wonder if she is ever going to get past this. Will she improve or is this as good as it’s going to get and we have to deal with almost imaginary stuff forever? It’s hard to deal with when you just don’t know if none of it was real, some of it was real or all of it was real.

And we don’t really have anyone to ask. They did do a psychiatric evaluation which basically said she was depressed and not eating. Yeah, been to see her on a regular basis for almost a year now, and yes, she is depressed and yes, it does affect her appetite. Come on! Tell me something I don’t know, please?

I know they really can’t. They couldn’t tell us why it was happening. Possible reasons were too numerous to mention. And as they can’t tell us why it was happening, they can’t tell us if it will ever go away.

It’s frustrating for her, too. She’s lost control of her life. I wish to heck we could give it back to her, but I don’t think it would safe to do that now, if ever.

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