I have no patience at all

Got a call from the hospital this morning as I was going out the door to work. I saw the number and knew it was them immediately.

For the next three minutes I stood there with my phone in my hand and my heart in my throat, waiting for them to tell me whatever it was they were going to tell me. It took that long for the guy on the phone, the social worker, to tell me who he was and what he wanted. By the time he actually got to what he wanted, I was ready to shake it out of him.

People that dither drive me mad. Tell me what you need and I’ll figure out how to get that done.

I finally realized today that the reason that they’ve put her on oral pain meds is not because she’s too weak to stand anything else. They can’t move her to rehab while she’s still on an IV. They want to get her out of the hospital as quickly as they can. If they do that and something happens to her there, she won’t drag down their success rate numbers because she’ll no longer be on their watch.

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