The Roller coaster Ride Never Ends

I’m getting whiplash from hurtling up and down over and over again.

Went to Mom’s on Monday. An hour after I got home she called and asked me to call her neighbors because she’d fallen again. I told her I’d call the neighbors and be there as soon as I could.

When I got there the paramedics a fire truck and an ambulance were there and they were loading Mom up. She seemed well enough so I had hopes of bruises and a quick release.

No such luck.

She’d fallen on the side of her hip replacement. The femur is broken around the implant spike. The surgery can be anything from just wiring the bone back in place to having to replace the replacement.

If it was just that, it would be so much simpler. But it’s not just that. She’s been on 3 different anticoagulants. They have to wait or the chance of her bleeding out on the surgical table are so high the surgeon won’t take the risk. He wants to wait another 3 days, until all of those meds are out of her system.

I’m just not sure that she’s in any shape to get through surgery and the very necessary rehab afterwards. Not to mention the possibility of stroke or heart failure brought on by the necessary changes in medication.

It just never ends.

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