A soggy solstice

A solstice and a lunar eclipse all in one night. And there was no way for me to see it with all the rain we’ve been having. Damn! I’d have gotten up at 2 am to see that.

As it is, I will have to be happy with just knowing that the days will get longer now. And I am. I actually look forward to the solstice now the same way I used to look forward to Christmas. My interior self is doing the happy dance, looking forward to the longer, warmer days.

The rain here has just been nuts. It’s rained 20 days out of the last 30. The ground is just saturated. I took out some mail this morning and noticed that our water meter is currently under 3 inches of water. The ground won’t hold any more water.

The good part of that is that I’ve had the sprinklers turned off for the past 3 months. We’re using far less water than we have in the past. I’ve set out all my garden trugs to collect what I can. The orchids love the rain I went out briefly yesterday and noticed that I have bloom spikes coming up on 3 different orchids. That’s a record for me.

The Wonderful Spouse ordered a rain barrel for me for Christmas and it appears that someone stole it. FedEx says that they delivered it weeks ago, on a day when we were both home, all day. It was the weekend after the new WoW expansion came out, so we were both home playing. I actually did yard work that weekend because it’s one of the few weekends in the last 3 months that it hasn’t been raining or I haven’t had to be at my Mom’s house or Thanksgiving or something.

I have to say I would pay money to be able see the face of the person opening that box. I don’t think that many people in our area would even know what to do with a rain barrel. I wonder what they thought they were getting. I’m going to guess that giant plastic rain barrel probably wasn’t what they were thinking. What a grinch, to steal my Christmas present. A rain barrel would come in handy about now.

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