Looking forward

Though this year has been full of difficulties. Continues to be full of difficulties; I’m filled with hope about the future.

I’ve always thought that I would stay tied to this area. Live here forever. With the loss of Dad and Mom-in-law, the ties have grown weaker. I can see leaving the area, something I never gave any thought.

And suddenly we have a plan for the future. A real plan about something I’d like to do.

And I so want to do this.

Mostly just want not to live in such a high population density area.

Then I’d like to live with more than just concrete, asphalt, cars shops, people, people, people and more people.

Someplace with trees and shrubs and birds and lizards and anything except people.

I’ve lived in this area all my life and the population in this area has tripled over my life time.

I’d just like to live someplace where there aren’t a hundred people per square inch.

I was surprised when Wonderful Spouse said yes. I continue to be happy with that. I’ve never really had a clear view of something that I really wanted. Cared enough to plan for. This I want. More than anything. This I am willing to work for.

I’ve been reviewing our regular bills and searching for ways to cut them. Got the cable bill cut by a third, but haven’t been able get the car insurance down. Still looking into other areas where we could save.

I think I finally found something that will actually motivate me to bring my lunch more often. I keep trying to make myself and it keeps not happening. Mostly because it’s the only time of day I get to leave my desk and I like getting outside at some point during the day. And bringing lunch one day a week is better than no days a week.

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