Got up a little early this morning to make Mom’s cake. Had to go to the store right off. Olive oil does not a german chocolate cake make. We don’t really cook with anything besides olive oil and I’d used the last of it to make my husband’s cake a couple of months ago.

I’d finished the girls necklaces last night. Took a bit longer than I wanted on one of them because of an oversight on my part. I’d carved one’s initials in jeweler’s wax intending to use it like a seal in the silver clay. Forgot one important thing, that they would be backwards when I made the impression. I figured out a way to do it, but it wasn’t exactly the way I planned it. She seemed to like it anyway.

Made a mold of a sand dollar for the other neice. And stamped her initials on a silver disc. Sort of. Her middle name is rose and I found a rose stamp. So it was her initials with the rose in the middle. Turned out OK.

Four birthdays in one month. You could call it a cakeapalooza. German chocolate, angelfood with strawberries, chocolate and cheesecake. Something for everyone. Angelfood with strawberries turned out to my favorite.

Then we cleaned up and went home. At least this time we don’t have to worry about Mom having worn out.

One thing does make me mad. I forgot to take pictures of the necklaces before I wrapped them up. I’ll probably make another sand dollar necklace, but another necklace with neices initials would be a bit redundant. If I get the chance, I’ll wrestle the necklaces off of them long enough to take pictures.

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