Dream or reality?

Weird flippin’ dream last night.

I dreamed it was my birthday and was opening a present from my Mom. When I got it open, it was empty. It didn’t worry or upset me; I figured something would show up.

Then my dad came into the room. We all astounded and overjoyed to see him. My dream self was fully aware that he’d died. My mom said that they (the doctors) had found a way to bring him back for a little while. It wouldn’t last long and each time they did it, he would be in a little worse condition. The process was also very expensive. This was my birthday present; a few more hours with Dad. It was a great present.

When I got up and thought about it, the dream is pretty much exactly what happened with Dad. He hovered at the precipice for weeks. They dragged him back from the edge time after time, but his condition worsened and they couldn’t prevent the fall.

It’s just kind of eerie, having a dream represent reality so closely.

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