October 4, 2010

Busy weekend.

Friday was errand day. Gas, bank, bags, beads. Getting gas was the biggest problem. Half of the pumps at the local station were out-of-order and the rest wanted you to come inside to pay. Don’t know if that’s a ploy to get you to come in and buy stuff or what. The station itself is nicely maintained.

Signed up for some more jewelry classes at Brea Bead Works. It’s been great taking classes there. It’s expanded what I can do in jewelry making by miles. My skills aren’t that refined yet, but I’m working on it.

Had a yard sale at Mom’s house and surprised myself by actually enjoying the time I spent there. Didn’t hurt that we did pretty good over all. Did hurt in that it was hard to sell some of the stuff. Dad had a lot of old projectors and phones, most of which didn’t work. We didn’t want them and couldn’t use them, but it was still very hard to sell them. The same for my mom-in-laws costume jewelry. Her loss is still so new.

The bad part of the day was that my car battery died. The good part was that it was just the battery. Sister tried to jump it and it didn’t work, but the Auto Club guy came out and tried and it worked. He saved me a hundred dollars in tow fees. My dealer is a long way from Mom’s house, 20 miles out of range for the free Auto Club tow. I gave the guy a tip and thanked him profusely. I drove the car to the dealer, got a new battery and the new tires I’ve needed for the last six months but haven’t found time to get.

Sat on the patio for a long time Sunday afternoon. It was a much-needed respite from all that’s gone on lately.

A caterpillar was munching away on the leaves of the passion-flower vine next to my chair.


I’m always glad to see them. Not only do they keep the passion-flower vines in check it means more butterflies later. Hard to find fault with that.

There were at least a hundred goldfinches in the lacebark elm at various times.


I could hear them twittering away. I saw them hanging from the tips of the branches, eating the seeds. Go goldfinches! The tiny, papery seeds fall like snow and come up everywhere. Any reduction in that is welcome. Every once in a while something would scare them and they would all take flight at once. I so wanted to catch a picture of that, but I haven’t been fast enough yet. There are so many of them in the tree it has to make some difference in the seed fall. I could hear their little beaks clicking away.

I think some are passing through and some are here year-round, but it makes sense for them to pause here. The trees drop enough seeds that it looks like brown snow in my yard and the lacebark elms have been used for landscaping in this area for decades.

Ash caught the baby lizard or one of its siblings again. Again I caught her and took it away from her and put it in the front yard. It had been doing a really good job of playing dead, but when I set it down beneath a bush it dashed away. Baby lizards in my yard please me no end.

The weather in this area has just gone mad. It’s nearly 40 degrees (F) cooler here this weekend then it was last weekend. It got to 109 at my house and 113 at my sisters. It is currently 60 degrees with heavy misting. I’ll take this over what we had last week, but I’m having a hard time coping with the temperature differential.

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