Tiny Lizard


The cats had this tiny lizard in the house yesterday.

I’m unhappy that they caught it, but happy that I saw it.

Cats are one of the major reasons for the extinction of small birds, reptiles and amphibians. And despite the fact that we have four cats we have a baby lizard!

The tiny one reacted almost not at all while I had it in my hand. Just enough to let me know it was alive. I took it out to the front yard and set it down near a sprinkler under a bush.

I’m pretty sure this little bit will survive. It did have a cat bite, but I’ve seen them survive worse. A couple of years ago I rescued a medium sized lizard from the cats and it had a large bite hole in it’s abdomen. I didn’t think it would live. But a few months later the cats caught a lizard. One with a re-grown tail and a scar on it’s belly. I can’t tell you how much joy I found in that lizard’s life.

Spouse and I saved this one, too. Another tiny bit of joy in my life.

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