Out West

Was messaging with Middle Sister yesterday. She said that it just about made her cry to get a birthday card from just Mom. Moments like that just stop you in your tracks and make you feel the loss all over again.

Dad was going to write this book called ‘When I was a Kid.’ He never got around to it and it still makes me mad. He had some great stories of the stuff he did when he was a kid.

I can’t write his stories, but he sure wrote a lot of mine. One time I told him that I wanted to go out West. This was during the time I wore my red felt cowboy hat to bed. Dad laughed and told me that if we were any further west we’d fall into the ocean.

I guess he understood what I meant, though, because somewhere during that time we ended up here during a family vacation:


I think this is Calico Ghost Town. I wasn’t all that impressed by the main drag as it was pretty touristified, but I though that the surrounding area was pretty cool.


Going into the mine was neat. Cool and dark after the glare of the sun. The hard hats we had to wear weren’t bad either. It was interesting to see the real thing after seeing all of the bad imitations that were on tv at the time.

Funny how I never connected my wish to go ‘Out West’ with going someplace that can actually be considered the old west before now.

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