20100823 – This weekend

Had the August birthdays party this weekend. Three cakes. It’s challenging to decide what to with leftovers from three cakes. Spouse and I ended up taking home almost a whole cakes worth of 3 different cakes.

At least caketastrophe wasn’t mine this time. Youngest sister made my cake, white with lemon icing. The cake was fine, but the icing tried to escape. And, like my caketastrophe last year, it still tasted fine.

I picked up the food (Chinese). We’d done it a few years ago, but that time I actually ordered catering trays. I asked them how much I would need. Never take that advice. The quantity I ended up with would have fed three times as many people. We ended up trashing more of it than we ate. This time I ordered a few entres, a couple of sides and some egg rolls. We still had leftovers, but it wasn’t more than we could eat.

I learned this weekend why I don’t paint ceilings. I always gave being short as an excuse. The real reason is it’s hard! Sore arms today and the ceiling in our bath isn’t very big.

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