Weekend of weird dreams

I guess dreams are always weird. But sometimes mine just flip me out.

I woke up to a gardening show about an Australian gardener guy landscaping people’s yards out of a dream of Dr. Chase (Australian guy) from House designing a garden for my Mom’s yard. Weird way to integrate waking into sleeping, or vice-versa.

Also dreamt about missing Dad. No surprise there. But long stretches of dream where I can’t express to anyone how much I miss him or how losing him feels. I guess that’s really not a surprise, but it was sort of a revelation to me, because that’s how I’ve felt for a while. I don’t want to distress my family any further by mentioning it. I hadn’t really thought that through, but it seems kind of obvious now.

2 thoughts on “Weekend of weird dreams

    1. If I have an interesting dream I try to think over the detail immediately upon waking. That helps me remember a lot more. But, like you, most of them melt away.

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