Too. Much. Stuff.

I’ve been trying to simplify our house and my lifestyle. I’m using every tool I can find to help me do it. Flylady is one of them. They encourage you to make your changes one small step at a time. Instead of trying to make giant, crashing (and usually crushing) changes in your life, start with one small thing and try to make a habit of it.

One thing I read on the site was “Do you hate putting your clothes away after doing the laundry? Is it because your drawers and closet are so full nothing else will fit?” That rang like a bell inside my head. I do and they are. I cleaned out a couple of my drawers for my 10 minute tasks. My clothes are scrunched. I can see what I have and I have room to put stuff away.

Genius. Ours has been a consumer society for way too long. The heck with that. It’s wasteful on every scale, from global to single household. I think I need to redefine ‘need.’ I can tell you one thing for sure. I do not need any more shorts or t-shirts. The old ones are getting made into rugs and the seldom worn are going to charity.

I don’t do everything the Flyladiessay and the religious content, although it’s certainly non-denominational, leaves me cold, but I do try to take hold of that one small change and keep working at it until it’s a habit. Things aren’t perfect, and never will be. But I’m a couple of small changes better than I was a couple of months ago. And it’s amazing how much better that makes me feel.

Don’t beat yourself up about what you woulda, shoulda, coulda done and spend 10 minutes cleaning off your desk/kitchen table/nightstand.

And once you get used the idea that you can change things by starting small you start to see all the other places that this principle will apply. Finances? Do I really need a soda every day with lunch? No. If I bring lunch to work even a couple of times a week I can save $10 to $15.

There have got to be other places I can apply this. I think I’ll go find out.

2 thoughts on “Too. Much. Stuff.

    1. Interesting. I hate the religion part. But the gender roles don’t bother me so much. I think that’s because my husband and I don’t bother with them much. We do what’s needed. Gender doesn’t play into it that much. I think it would (and did) bother me much more when it seemed to me like everything was assigned based on gender. Now that I’m in a less structured relationship, it bothers me much less.

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