I’m sitting at my desk right now, the screen door is open to the atrium. I hear small noises. Small rustlings. Yesterday Ash was transfixed, listening at the door. And I saw a lizard. Very small, 2 inches, not counting tail. I shoo’d Ash off and then shoo’d the lizard away from the door.

Cats are one of the major reasons that song birds and small reptiles are disappearing. I’m not going to let my cats be the reason for extinction in my home.

I’ve worked hard to make a home for wildlife here. I’m not going to let the cats negate that. I want to make room for more lives than just the domesticated ones.

One thought on “Sounds

  1. Touching post… I struggle with the neighbor’s cat. I don’t understand why people think their cat can just roam the neighborhood. Keep it in the house, feed it, love it, and let the little birdies live. Sorry, your post touched a heart string.

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