Some of the best times we have seem to be when we’re hunting treasures on the beach. The more I think about it, the more I think this is ingrained behavior. Some people bond over shopping, some gathering shells on the beach, some hunting for stones in the desert.


This morning Mom went down with us. It was high tide and not that much on the beach, but we found a few things. Broke my heart when she picked up a rounded stone and said “This one is Dad’s.” Dad always collected rounded stones to put around the stream bed in the back yard.

One of my nieces found a couple of live jellyfish and brought them up the cliff in a plastic bag. Fates know if they will make it back down to the beach alive. I can’t believe they made it up the cliff alive.

We’re off this afternoon to another gathering session at the local farmer’s market. Which is apparently a big deal. Signs and balloons and overflow parking. And a 20 mile drive down a very twisty road.

The house alarm went off again this afternoon. I forgot the code and the Spouse ran down the stairs to turn it off.

I have to say that I’m feeling kind of useless. I feel like there are so many other useful things I could be doing. Like remodeling my bathroom. The stairs down to the beach here are pretty long and steep and while it would be good for me to run down them more often I sure don’t feel like doing it.

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