Day 5

Mosquitoes again last night, even though we made sure all the windows were shut all the way. I’m really tired of getting bit. I have bites all over my face, neck and arms. Yeck.

The Spouse and I were getting a bit bored until we decided to go into town and get a trail map. I found a trail that was easy and we’re going to go there tomorrow. We’re also going to go home tomorrow. It might be easier if the weather was better or access to the beach wasn’t such a pain, but it is the way it is.

I’d also like to go down to the spot where we saw the deer earlier this week and see what we can see. If we go down there near dusk we may see them again. One more beach combing expedition and I think we’re done. Low tide is at 3 pm today. We’ll start out going north and then head south to end up where the deer were closer to dusk.

Spouse and I saw the Google car driving around the area. We waved at it when it went by. Now we’re going to have to check the Google street view maps for Stinson Beach and see if we show up in the pix.

So far on this trip I’ve spent less than $40, not including food. I think I may have set a new low record for vacation spending. I bought a plant, a bonsai’d red mangrove, some sweet jalapeno jelly and some English peas at the Farmer’s Market and the trail map. I’m actually kind of proud of myself.

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