Had an interesting morning on the beach. The stairs down to the beach are a pain and no doubt good for me. So far twice a day has been my limit. The stepsare on a steep incline and make it a bit of a hike to the beach.

The best time to go is early and as soon as we got up, down to the beach we went. Walked much further north than we have before and the tide was going out and we found a lot of stuff. I think we can officially call this place sand dollar beach. Or some cases, sand nickles, pennies or dimes. In some cases sand sequins. Found a couple of mediocre agates and one nice one.

I kind of wonder if treasure hunting isn’t an instinct leftover from early man. Food if a wonderful treasure is you’re hungry. And beaches can be a rich food area, clams, mussels, fish, all at the tideline.

There was someone doing tai chi on the beach. The waves sometimes sound like thunder. Don’t know why. The surf isn’t all that high. But they echo through the air and my brain.

The sun comes out like turning on a light switch. We walked into town to find a puzzle. Went into the bookstore under cloudy skies and came out ten minutes later to full sun. The beachgoers come out the same way. When we to town there was no one on the beach. When we got back it was packed. Kind of amazing, but I guess the locals know what the weather patterns are.

There has been a group of pelicans diving of shore. Shortly after we noticed them, a fishing boat came out and started fishing in the same area.

Last night during our walk on the beach we some deer not far down the shore. We walked down to them and my nieces got quite close to the them. A doe and two fawns.


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