And away we go

Or we would if I ever got packed. So far I’ve thought about getting a suitcase down and that’s about it. I’m working on a mental list, but I really work better with a tangible list.

The lady that lived up the street and looked after our cats moved away so I’ve had to hire a real pet sitter. They’re not cheap, but at least this one is a friend of my Mom’s so I don’t have to worry about her running away with everything in the house. Besides which we’ve let the neighbors know what days we’ll be gone and who to expect to see so if they see anything funny they’ll know to call the police.

The last time I was at my Mom’s I saw a partial of her packing list. All clothes and food items. My list reads like an electronics shop ad. Kindle w/charger, dslr and charger, point and shoot and charger, ipod and charger. I even have a special bag, just for chargers. Add to that a hat, some shorts, long pants, sweatshirt and swim suits and I’m ready to go. Hey! I just made my list.

There was a swarm of earthquakes at work. That or we’re all over sensitized and feeling every truck that goes by. But all of us keep looking around and asking “Did you feel that?” Earthquakes on the 7th floor are not much fun at all. Even the small ones seem to leave building sway for forever. We had a very nervous afternoon.

Been working on ‘sit’ with Monkey. She still doesn’t quite have the concept down yet, but I have faith that she will make the connection pretty quickly. Being away for a few days may be a bit of a setback, but we’ll see. She’s so eager to please; it’s very uncat-like.

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