Training the cat


So I’ve been training the cat. Or she’s been training me, I’m not quite sure which. The last time I tried cat training I taught the Spouse’s cat to talk, well, respond vocally when you talked to him. And now he won’t shut up. He often has conversations with the Spouse in the morning; both of them yowing back and forth to each other. Just nauseating.

Miss Monkey likes to leap up on things. I noticed that as I moved around the yard she would leap to the top of whatever was closest to me so that I would pet her in passing. And I thought, ‘Hey! She might actually be trainable.’ Most cats you need a concrete reward, food, to train them. Monkey will happily leap to the top of whatever for a pat on the head. She’s getting quicker and more reliable as we go. I thought about trying to teach her to jump onto my shoulder, but the Spouse wisely pointed out that there might be drawbacks to that scenario.

So now she will (mostly) get up and get down when I ask her to. She has to be in the mood, but I’ve never had a cat that would do anything on command before. I’m curious to see how far I can take this.

4 thoughts on “Training the cat

  1. How cool is that? I’ve never been able to train a cat to do anything. They mostly just give me superior looks and dole out the affection in big enough doses that I keep buying the cat food and coming back for more.

    Miss Monkey has such a wonderful coloration!

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