Had a simple family 4th of July. Mom made apple pie, cheese pie, Charlie beans (old family recipe) and potato salad. The Spouse and I brought hamburger stuff, sisters brought the chips and dip and hot dogs.

Before dinner we went over to the neighbor’s house to swim. Nice people, they let us do that most years.

Then dinner and waiting for it to be dark enough for the fireworks. The kids played with sparklers first.


Then came the not-all-that-impressive, light them off in the street fireworks.


A weird pair of glasses came in the box. This is what the fireworks looked like through those. Very trippy.


The neighbors watched our fireworks and then we watched theirs.


I like how some of the pictures came out, even if I can’t say that they’re good photos.


This is the first time we’ve gotten together as a family since Dad’s funeral. We talked about him a lot, cried a little. I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye and when I turned to look, nothing was there. I can’t go out to the garage without tearing up.

Mom talked about giving his clothes to charity. Youngest sister said she didn’t think she could handle selling them at the garage sale that Mom has had planned for the last year or so. She’s not the only one. I asked Mom if I could take his shirts and make a quilt out of them. She didn’t have any objections, so I’m going to do that.

It was a fairly quiet holiday, if you don’t count the noise of the fireworks. But it was nice to be all together.

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