Renovating – two steps forward

And one step back. We bought a sink, now can we find a vanity to fit it. The one we wanted was, of course, out of stock. Not just out of stock, but out of stock all in every store in Southern California. The girl helping us said they would have them in stock soon. When? When the boat from Sweden gets here? Looks like we might have to build something ourselves. At least it wouldn’t be made of particle board then.

We tried another hardware store and found something that might work. Going to take another look at it this afternoon.

We bought a vinyl flooring remnant to put in the office under our desk chairs. I tried carpet, but with four cats and me tromping in and out all day, carpet is just not a good idea. Here’s hoping the vinyl will lay flat. At least it wasn’t a huge investment if it doesn’t.

We stopped for lunch at this Korean Barbeque place. I wasn’t expecting much as the place is in a strip mall. Boy, was I wrong. Inside was nicely decorated. Real wood beams and window screens. Copper stove vent hoods for the cooker in the center of the table. A wide variety of side dishes and tasty marinated meat. And they had a beer, Hite beer, that I really liked. I’m not much of a beer fan and probably real beer aficionados would think it was wimpy but it had no bitter aftertaste at all. I drank most of the large bottle I ordered. A record for me.

The waitresses were attentive and didn’t laugh at me when I asked what we should do with what. It wasn’t a cheap lunch, but it was fun, educational and delicious. The high point of an otherwise frustrating day. We will definitely go back.

One thought on “Renovating – two steps forward

  1. I had a vanity made and painted for my bathroom when I remodeled it, and it cost less than buying one off the shelf pre-made. If you have a contractor that can do it or knows someone you might ask them. The BBQ sounds delish!

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