Dad? I need to thank you

For teaching me how to read.
I knew always that learning was important.
For reading Edgar Allen Poe stories to us.
Come on, how many Dads read their kids Edgar Allen Poe stories, really? How cool is that?

For giving me the world of windows that is reading, I really thank you.

For being willing to go to other places and see other ways of life, I thank you.

It’s given me the ability to see that there are different angles of seeing the same world. Every problem changes depending on which way you see it.

I hope to hell I actually get to say this stuff to you. Going to ask Mom for an afternoon with him by myself.

At one point this afternoon, he looked at me and said, ‘Don’t be afraid to say what you’re thinking.’

But I was. I still am.

I’m afraid if I tell him that, I’ll be saying goodbye.

Oh, Dad.

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