What to do?

Mom called me around 8 this evening.

She’d sent me an email after she’d gotten home from her afternoon visit. Dad was doing good. He was chipper, reading his magazines and telling her how much easier it was to talk to people now. He didn’t have to pause so much to consider his responses during conversation.

Later in the evening he called Mom and told her he wanted to be moved to another hospital. Not sure what he thinks the other hospital is going to do for him. I am sure that they will have to start all over again and are not likely to accept him at all.

The hospital personnel are doing the best they can. I can see that they’re treating him appropriately. But between accents and hearing difficulties they don’t understand what’s happening. So far when the hospital explains to me, I understand. My job is to interpret it to Mom and Dad. I’m not sure how to proceed from here. I’d like the hospital to tell me what they’re doing and why. Not because they’re not doing what they should, just so I can be the distribution point.

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