My mother-in-law had a medical issue lately and as a result hasn’t been able to take care of things. My husband had to take over paying her bills for her and a good thing too. We found that has been charging some of her food bills each month for the past couple of years. She doesn’t owe a lot, but she does owe.

She has also, for as long as I’ve known her, feed stray cats. More than once we’ve tried to tell her that she really shouldn’t. Now that we know her financial condition my husband told her that she just can’t. For more reasons than she just can’t afford to.

The cats she’s fed have always been sick, eye problems, skin problems, fleas and ticks. Her neighbors are unhappy with all the cat poop and yowling. And every year a new generation of cats born on the street.

The Spouse and I were talking about it after our conversation with Mom-in-law. It really comes down to a matter of resources. Mom-in-law really doesn’t have the resources, physically or financially to be feeding a dozen stray cats. I know what her motivation is and admire it. She doesn’t want to see things suffer. But what she’s really doing is creating generation after generation of hungry cats.

I think the Spouse has finally convinced her to stop doing it. I hate to take any pleasure she has away from her, but even she says that she doesn’t enjoy it any more. For a long time it’s felt like something she had to do instead of something she wanted to do. I told her that she needs to spend her resources on herself, both monetary and physical.

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