I love orchids. There are so many different kinds of them and the blossoms are so varied in shape and color. I buy them for my desk at work and when they’re done blooming I put them in the yard. Sometimes they do well and sometimes they don’t depending on how they like the environment. And sometimes I can actually get them to rebloom.

For a long time I kept all of them in the atrium. None of them died, but none of them bloomed either. I finally realized that I just don’t go into the atrium all that often. Stuff in the atrium needs to be able to get by with a minimum of attention. So I finally put them right outside the door to the patio. They get fertilized regularly and additional water as needed.

This one is blooming again after several years without:

201003 Orchid Bud

My mom got it for me at the place where she sells antiques. Why they have orchids in an antique mall I’ll never know, but I’m happy to have this little gem, even if it’s been so long I no longer remember what the flowers look like.

This weekend the weather was wonderful. The first weekend in months where it hasn’t rained. It seemed like the whole neighborhood was out doing yard work. The kids next door were skateboarding and the sound of weed whackers, lawnmowers and other power equipment filled the air.

I walked around the yard with my camera playing ‘what’s blooming now?’

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