Gardenqueen’s Rules

#1 – Do the front yard first.

It’s the part the neighbors see.  It’s the part that other people will be pleased or displeased by first.  Don’t piss of your neighbors.  Moving because you got yourself into a feud with the neighbors would be a pain in the ass.  If you do no other house or yard work, keep up the front yard.  It’ll improve general property values and your neighbors won’t hate you.

I never follow this rule, but I always keep it in mind.  At this time of year, and all other times of year, it’s lightest in the front of the house longest.  So at this time of year and in summer, I work out front last because it’s still light.  But I remember that it has to be done. 

Really, don’t piss off your neighbors.  Because if they don’t like you, they can make your life miserable and the only cure is moving.  Which is expensive, time consuming and a waste of resources.  Especially if you go and do the whole thing all over again in the new place.  I’m fortunate enough not to have done this so far, no credit to me, but I’ve seen people go through their whole lives making enemies of their neighbors, over and over again.

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