Away I go

Off to Costa Rica in a few days. The Wonderful Spouse isn’t going, darn it. Though I entirely agree with the reasons he’s not, it doesn’t mean I don’t wish he were.

It’s one of the places I’ve really wanted to go. Dad is going, along with quite a few from our travel group. I’m rooming with one of the women whose company I really enjoy.

Leaving in 3 days and still have not packed a single thing. I have gone over my meds and made sure I have enough to cover my time there and a few days when I get back. I’m always paranoid about leaving my pills at home. I wouldn’t last 3 days without them.

I’ve hit the nervous stage. Usually happens before any major trip. Certainly anything that requires me to get on an airplane. Not afraid of flying, just not wild about traveling in ways that aren’t under my control. I can decide when I want to drive out of my driveway. I can’t control when the plane takes off.

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