The thing about being out in the yard is that there’s always something to do, and while I can go outside with a book intending to read it just doesn’t happen. I think of the thing I want to plant or prune or something and after a few minutes of reading I’m up and moving around. Something that is good for both me and the garden.

But the best moments in the garden are the ones where I’ve been still for a time and all of my usual fauna have forgotten that I’m there.

The black phoebe comes and perches on a beam over the front gate. I thought that they mostly ate bugs, and I’ve seen them catch butterflies, but I actually saw him pulling the seeds off vine. That and he leaves evidence of his eating habits all along the brick coping of the planter below his roosting spot. If I’d actually paid attention to that instead of just cleaning it off I’d know why there are so many fewer seeds on the vine this year. This is a good thing for me; I don’t have to sweep as much. It also means that the stuff is going to sprout anywhere there’s enough water. It’s amazes me how much you can learn by just sitting and watching.

I went out and bought tomato seeds and planted them. Last year I planted a bunch of different types to see which one did best and the yellow cherry tomatoes kind of took over. Unfortunately they were pretty awful as tomatoes go. So I pulled out the remaining vines and planted 3 varieties of red tomatoes. Try the same trick with tomato varieties I actually like.

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