Family photos

Had a scare the other day.  Wanted to find that picture of Dad’s helicopter.  Put the disc with the photos that I’d spent months scanning into the computer and initially it didn’t read the disk.  Almost had a heart attack.

So I’ve been feverishly uploading them to Flickr.  I want them someplace besides just a single dvd. 

In going through them I realized that some of them were just awful.  I was new to digital photography, new to scanning everything and new to Photoshop when I scanned them.  Many of them have the frames of the slides.  In many the color went wonky because of the age of the film.  There are simple fixes for most of them, I just didn’t know how to do it at the time. 

So now I’m going through them again.  Adjusting a few every day.  Cropping, removing dust spots, adjusting the color.  Wonder how long it’s going to take me this time.

One thought on “Family photos

  1. You need to get one of those portable hard drive backs. Just plug them in via USB and viola everything safe in another place. I just noticed the resolutions tab up top. Great idea, will take a peek. Happy New Year!

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