Christmas Leftovers

Christmas was great.  And crazy.  Wonderful Spouse and I went over to my parents house at 10:00 am, with the rest of the crowd due there at 2:00.  Boy, am I glad we went early.  Even gladder that the Spouse went with me.  I think Mom and Dad were just overwhelmed by the whole thing this year.  They did handmade cards; they have for years.  It’s a tradition.  But the assembly was quite complex, they didn’t get them out until Christmas eve.  Didn’t get the tree put up until Christmas eve, either.

The house was quite a jumble when we arrived; decoration boxes everywhere, wrapping paper and ribbon, vacuums, just stuff all over the place.  The Spouse and I just waded in and started shifting stuff.  While I’m happy with all the stuff my husband got me for Christmas, I was most pleased with his assistance right then.  We straightened and swept, cleaned and washed.  Did a load of dishes and cleared out the dishwasher so we’d have a fresh start for after dinner.

The sisters, spouses and kids did the kitchen dance getting dinner ready and youngest sister had her kids in an assembly line after, doing dishes and getting them put away after.  The spouses shifted furniture assembled the home-made table so everyone could sit in the same room at the same tabled.  Well, the same table with a folding table added to the end.  The family has gotten quite large now that we’ve added a couple of stepsons and my stepson’s wife.

Everyone popped their Christmas cracker, put on their paper crown and read the enclosed jokes aloud.  Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes.  Mom told me I could bring something other than the crudité that I usually bring.  I told her that the traditional meal with our not-quite-traditional family was just fine with me.

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