As of the 21st the Earth is rolling the northern hemisphere back towards the sun.  It may be just the beginning of winter, but to me it’s the return of longer days that’s important.  I’m waiting, ever so impatiently, for it to be daylight when I get home from work.  Still have a couple of months to go, but at least now it’s coming back instead of going further away.

Got a set of stone chisels for Christmas.  To replace the wood chisels I’ve thrashed using on cement.  Trouble is, they’re different.  They work differently, meant more to break up than carve out.  I’d just gotten to the point where I felt like I knew how to use the ones I had.  And the hammer is shorter and heavier.  More about wrist than forearm.  The movements are finer; I think I’ll probably take out fewer big chunks accidentally, but it’s going to take a bit before my wrist is up for any extended periods of hammering.  Oh well, more time for real yard work.

The lacebark elms seem to have dropped fewer seeds this year.  Usually they pile up in drifts in the corners of the patio a couple of inches deep.  Not so much this year, and there are no seeds left on the local trees.  I’m wondering if it’s because the goldfinches eat them.  I read that they eat seeds almost exclusively and we did seem to have quite a population going earlier in the fall.  If it’s so, thank you, goldfinches.  The seeds are a nuisance and sprout everywhere.

My sister gave me vegetable seeds for Christmas, globe carrots and peppers.  It’s time to plant them.  Seeds of all kinds are sprouting all over the yard.  In California growth is more about water than sunshine.  Plenty of sunshine to go around, not so much water.  It’s kind of weird, while all the trees are going brown and losing their leaves the hills are turning lush and green.

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