Cats and rain

It rained most of the weekend and outdoor activities were sharply curtailed, damn it! 

We need the rain, always, and desperately.  With a population density as high as it is in Southern California resources get scarce and expensive.  But I begrudge every rainy afternoon that I have to spend indoors.

The cats aren’t happy about it either.  The Spouse usually has lunch on the patio and he lets them out while he’s out there.  They look forward to it and don’t like when something upsets their routine.  I opened the door once to go get the mail and Ash and the Minikitty raced out the door.  Ash made it across the door mat and came back inside.  Minikitty, who really hasn’t seen rain yet ran around in circles trying to get away from it.  Not at all effective, but highly amusing.

It really didn’t rain much at all last year and we had quite a few fires that were both bad and close.  We had a couple of hours of downpour and I cannot believe the sludge that has built up around the drain on the patio.  I’m hoping it will dry to a consistency that I can sweep up.  It’s too bad the ash from the roof didn’t wash into the planters.  Would have made for a for nice growth in spring.  As it is, it’s just a nuisance.

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