Been thinking

About my survival day post.  The part where surviving a life-threatening-changing medical event didn’t really change me, but changed my direction a few degrees.

A change in course of a few degrees isn’t immediately obvious.  I wonder if that’s not where a lot of us don’t get messed up.  We change our lives, not in  big ways, just a little, and don’t see the results.  We get disappointed because we don’t see the changes we want immediately.  We are a nation of immediate gratification after all.

But those small changes in course can make such a difference over time.  Don’t believe me?  Get a protractor, that half-circle thing you had for grade school geometry.  Draw a line at 90 degrees.  Draw another one a 80 degrees.  Not much difference where you start.  But the farther you go from the starting point, the greater the difference.

A small change here, another there, and believe me, your life will change.  The farther you get from your starting point, the more obvious the changes will be.  The bad decision you make now, those consequences will follow you down for the rest of your life.  So will the good decisions. 

I actually feel lucky that this knowledge was forced on me at a young age.  I don’t know who I would have been, but I look at where I was going and I’m  glad I changed.  It cost me, cost me a lot.  But I’m happier with the person I am now because of it.

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