This weekend I

Had Thanksgiving dinner with the family.  We were all thankful that we have a familty that we like to spend time with.

Spent much of Saturday sweeping the patio.

Spent much of Sunday sweeping the patio.  The wind came up Saturday night and the leaves fell down.

Pulled dead leaves down in the atrium.

Pulled down a not-dead wasps nest along with the leaves.  Managed to avoid the wasp sting in the nose this time.  Whew! 

Worked in the yard so late I was gardening by moonlight. *sigh*

Spent several hours pounding on cement.  I got tired of trying to make a rectangular block of cement round, so I’ve started working on the spiral, starting more or less in the middle and working my way out.  I add a couple of inches to the spiral every time I work on it.  At this rate it’s going to take me months.  My chisels are in bad shape.  Not surprising as they’re inexpensive wood chisels and so not made for pounding on cement.  I’ve looked into stone chisels, but they’re hideously expensive.

Moved pots on the patio around trying to get the ‘rhythm’ right.  I have several large cobalt blue pots and I was trying to get them spaced so that they draw the eye over the whole garden.

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