Chores 20091108

Spent a large part of the afternoon Sunday working in the yard.  Saturday was the day for most of the heavy stuff, pruning and clearing out.  Filled the trash can up pretty quickly.  Yesterday was for sweeping up the messes I’d made, moving things around, filling feeders, etc.

The time change means it’s dark when I get home now, so all of my yard chores have to be done on the weekend.  When the days are longer I can do at the larger chores on the weekend and keep the patio swept and leaves under control during the work week.  Now it all has to be done on the weekend.

I’d working on something, then take a break and sit in my chair and read.  That’s when the visitors show up.  The goldfinches are fighting over the food now.  I’m going to guess that means that most of the people who put out  have stopped for the winter.  I’ll have to remember to fill the feeder more often.

I also spent a bit of time working on a cement sculpture I started a long time ago.  I recently asked my husband to help me lift if off of a low rolling platform up onto an old stepladder so I could work on it standing.  I’d done a small one as a trial and wanted a larger one for the front yard.  Photos are below.

Even though I’d made the smaller one, I’m still learning a lot about how to sculpt in cement.  First and foremost, make it as close to the end shape as possible.  Cement is hard!  It’s taking forever to round the corners off on that thing.  My hands and wrists are sore.  Actually, I’m sore, stabbed and bruised all over.  But I have the satisfaction of crossing a few things off the running list.

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