Got Mom’s birthday present today.  Going to try to find her an orchid plant at Trader Joe’s tomorrow.

Bought and planted some fresias.  They’re my favorite flower.  They smell delicious.  It amazes me how different the different colors smell.  Best are the red/yellow ones, that smell like white nectarines.  The white ones smell almost like fruit and pepper.  Doesn’t sound like a great combo, but it is.

The sprinklers went off while I was outside today.  The minute they started going I started examing the drippers.  Found and replace some that were non-functional.

Been hearing the peregrines calling.  I want to look up their lifespan.  I’ve been hearing them and seeing them from a distance for years.  Were it not for the one that landed on the barbeque I wouldn’t have believed that’s what they were.  Come to think of it, there aren’t many pigeons around here.  Or starlings.  Wonder if the peregrines have anything to do with that?

There’s been a bird calling that I haven’t heard before.  Took me forever to catch a glimpse of it, and now that I have I still don’t know what it is.  Even with the bird book to help me ID it.  Small grey bird covers way too much ground.

The hummingbird I had a stare out with yesterday apparently roosts in the purple salvia.  The salvia is in full bloom now and is no doubt a wonderful source of nectar.  Bees even hover around the fallen blossoms.

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  1. I love the birds in the garden! We have bird hawks, is that the same thing? I saw one roosting just above my feeders and was shocked when I looked it up in the bird book and saw it was after my birdies!

    1. They probably are the same thing. Peregrines are one of the few raptors that can reliably catch another bird in flight.

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