I hate shopping.  And it’s taken me until now to figure out why.  I just can’t stand most of the people in the stores.  They have every reason to be there, it’s a work day, in the middle of the day.  They probably crave adult companionship as much as I want to avoid it, and they are out in droves.  I work with the public every day, from princes to beggars, pretty much.  The last thing I want is to have to deal with more people. 

I ran several errands on Friday.  At Party City, which seems to haved turned into Party City for Kids, there were not enough cashiers.  I ended up standing in line behind a lady with a young child and a new  baby.  The child needed reassurance about all the scary stuff on display for Halloween, severed hands, ghosts, etc.  The infant was crying.  I avoid Party City whenever possible.  That is the best example I could possibly come up with.  Long lines and too much contact with the public.

Went to the pet supply place to get tortoise stuff next and got in line behind another woman with two young sons.  She was going on about how boys who hit her got sent to jail.  They opened another checkout lane and asked for the next person in line.  I tapped thge couple in front of me and pointed them to the line.  The lady with the kids was already unloading her cart.  She glared at me and said, loudly, “That’s right, I’m already unloading my cart, I’ll just stay here.”  Damn straight, lady.  We’re not waiting for you to load that stuff up again.  She never stopped talking the whole time I was there.

From now on, any shopping I do gets done the minute the stores open.

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