The Spouse and I were out on the patio reading last night when a question of mine was answered.  I’d wondered once we got the kinetic sculpture set up if the birds would ever get used to it and perch on it.  The answer is Yes and Yes.

I recently cleaned out the water bowl for the birds the other day and since then there’s been a steady flow of birds through the yard.  They come in groups of four or five and take turns drinking.  There are generally 30 to 40 birds in the trees in back of the house.  I think they all cycle through.  At once point there were more than could drink at one and a few decided to perch on the slowly spinning sculpture.  Of course I didn’t have my camera with me at the time.  That shot will just have to wait until it happens again.

My husband was surprised that there were so many birds just for the water, but when you think about it there really isn’t much clean water that birds can get at in Southern California.  They have to rely on irrigation run off which there is less and less of with the water situation as it is.  Just think how many birds there’d be if I actually gave them food.  It’s on the list for the evening’s errands.

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