Family Vacation 2009

Mom called. She asked if we got home OK. That would be a given, seeing that I’m writing this. She also asked if we had a good time.

I said ‘Yes’, but the real answer was far more equivocal. It was OK.

The parts that make it not a hearty ‘Yes!’ are just things I can’t say.

The good parts, the whole family was there. Mom and Dad drove there OK. My favorite cousin and her husband were able to come. Both of my sisters were there.

The not-so-good parts; my Mom and Dad spent more time resting up from doing than doing. It frustrated them, and hurt to watch.

The other not so good bit was that the beach was empty. A favorite family activity is walking along the waterline and picking up shells, pretty stones, etc. Every year I’ve collected my beach treasures and put them in a jar. No treasures to be found this year. This year’s criteria for a beach treasure, “Is is bird poop? No? Pick it up.” It was the wrong beach, wrong time of year. This year’s jar has sand and a few rocks.

That’s not really a big deal, except that walking the beach is my favorite thing to do on these vacations. Often, despite a vacation diet, I lose a little weight because I spend so much time walking. Not so, this time. The just wasn’t worth it. It was windy and cold and difficult to get to the beach.

It was very good to have everyone there. Both of my sisters, youngest sister’s kids, and two of my cousins and their husbands. It was great that everyone could be there. I keep telling myself I need to hang on to these moments. They’ll never come again.

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